Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What's up?

So it has been about a month since I last wrote something here. It all seems to go by so quickly. I hate to say that because it means I have neglected to notice and appreciate some of the little things in my life, and since it is basically the little things that make my life so meaningful, I have really been missing out!
We have been blessed to have great weather this January. It has been consistently in the 60's for a while now. The kids are enjoying the outdoors, their bikes, scooters and the opportunity to hang out with their friends after school. Troy is blossoming in his language skills. He has really connected to the idea that "communication is key" to getting your way. He says Mamma and Dadda a LOT and screams them with glee when we walk into the room. He also realizes that we will answer when called so we are always being called. He calls Shaunie "Sha Sha" and Sam "Sa Sa". We haven't quite realized what he calls Leah, but that is a hard name for a little boy. He is his siblings' biggest fan. He loves to be around them. He likes to point to what he wants and say "Ont dat" or "ont sum". He is putting sentences together too, and when things just don't really need words he screams. He actually does that a lot.

Leah is still my Leah. She has the funniest mind. She is constantly entertaining me with her imagination. Her friend "Sarah" is still a big part of her life and we have now welcomed Mara into our little circle of friends. She loves to go around unhindered by her siblings. She stays very busy when the older ones are at school and Troy is sleeping. She loves school, herself, and always has the most interesting comments. Her teacher told me that they were learning about fire drills and that she was chosen to be the leader. The teacher told the class to follow Leah when they heard a firedrill. Leah got excited and asked her teacher if it was because of her missing tooth that they had to follow her. She also came in to me really sad the other day. She said that she was sad because nobody in her class thought she was fancy. She kept telling me that no one had told her she was fancy so she didn't think they liked her. It really upset her. She always has some thought that is hilarious. Last night we were getting ready for FHE and she came in waving her arms around her. She said "I am touching nothing. Look Mom, I am touching nothing. I am Nothing Girl!" She is very fun.

Sam is reading really well. Last Friday he got the Academic Award for Reading for his class. He is really starting to sound words out. It is like a great discovery every time! He also loves to count to 100. He will do it several times a day and tell you how easy it is. I love his little boyish ways. He walks around the house making noises and when I give him a crazy look he explains that he is trying to "blow out my spit". He and Troy continue to be the best of buds and are always caught wrestling. He is extra careful and Troy loves it. He taught him to give body slams and Troy usually does it with little prompting. When he does his homework he is very precise. He refuses to hurry because "then it will be sloppy". I hope that doesn't translate into OCD. I love my Sa Sa.

Shaunie is my beautiful seven year old. She makes sure that she is one of the best in school and she always tells me about it. She loves it when I take her to the grocery store with me and she loves to be the second mom. She is becoming a little tom-boy with all the kids in the neighborhood. She seems to attract the boys and they spend their time playing basketball or running around in some type of chase game. She loves reading and always reads outloud, which can be good or bad. I love my Shaunie Rae.

Jeremy is busy trying to get his thesis done. It looks like this actually might be the semester that he finishes it. I don't know what that means by any changes in career in the immediate future, but it will at least be done. I am proud of him enduring this long. He has been in school since we have been married. It will be nice to have him on Thursday nights. He is a very supportive husband and dutifully does the laundry every Monday. I don't know what I would do without him. I love you honey.

If you want to know about me all you have to do is read what I just wrote and you will see what I am up to. My family is my life, sprinkled with a few good friends, church and a lot of good times. Sorry for the delay in the update.