Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter Eggs

We colored Easter Eggs this afternoon. It was a messy job but it was really fun. We ended up with a bunch of very bright eggs.

The Natives are OUT!

Here is one of our tortoises after he came out of hibernation recently. I found him under the BBQ cover. I hope he hasn't been trapped under there for too long. He was really hungry after he came out. The big tortoise is also out. He was lurking around the backyard eating random plants. He wouldn't eat the petunias I planted just for him to eat. I think he is a food snob. He did like the broccoli I gave him, though. I hope they will be sure to eat all the weeds I have let grow for them. I have been keeping myself from spraying them so that the tortoises could have them. I am happy they survived the winter and are now ready to eat my weeds and trim my lawn.

Troy Boy...

Here are a few pictures of our favorite little 7 month old.

Wearin 'o' the Green

We had a leprechaun visit us on St. Patrick's Day. He turned our milk and toilet water green and during the day would leave little paper clovers with candy around the house as a surprise. The kids really got into it. Later in the evening he left lots more candy with little gifts for each kid. Leah got a princess watch, Sam got Nerf guns, and Shaunie got bubble bath with a bath sponge. They loved it! My favorite comment of the day was when Sam came and asked us if the leprechaun also turned thePublish Post toilet water yellow.

St. Patty's Day

Here is a picture of our Sunday Feast the day before St. Patrick's day. It was my first attempt at making brisket with cabbage and potatoes. I think it turned out pretty good. It wasn't really fancy but I liked it and so did Jeremy and the kids. As you can see below, Leah really liked it. She was worn out from a long day of church and just couldn't wait until bedtime.


He loves to vacuum! Whether it's the stairs or his room or the van, Sam loves to get stuff with the vacuum. Here he is helping Jeremy get the van clean. It is so fun to have him help.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

My kids...right now.

Leah: If she sees a police car she responds by singing "Bad boys, Bad boys, whatcha gonna do..."
Shaunie: Call her an angel and she blushes. She gets mad at the kids in her class because they are always talking.
Sam: New favorite question "Does ____ have sugar in it?" Will NOT eat sugar because Miss Tina told him about sugar bugs. And if you eat sugar you are sure to get a lecture about how bad sugar is for you. Oh. and "Make sure you brush your teeth every night and every morning and if you eat any sugar."
Troy: Loves to be in the middle of it all. Let him sit at the table in his high chair, let him sit up on the floor, let him not be in his car seat! He is already Mr. Social. And if you smile at him, you are sure to get a big, toothless grin right back.

Laundry Laundry La La La La Laaa!

My little Leah is SO observant! Today she decided to help me do laundry. Well, she's seen me do this a hundred times. There's just something about helping Mom put the wet clothes in the dryer and the dirty clothes in the washer. They love doing it! I even set the buzzer on the dryer and then show them how to grab the knob and turn it just enough to the right that the hum of the dryer is stable and you can hear the knocking of zippers and buttons in the drum. Well, today she did more than just assist. She DID it. After Jeremy brought me the clean, dry clothes, she decided to empty the washer by herself. This took quite a while, but she stayed determined. When she finally walked away from her work I could hear the dryer spinning away, giving dull thuds and clanks. I asked Jeremy if he had started it but he said no. I asked Leah and she proudly, and yet cautiously, said yes. I think she mistook my surprise and was scared that she might have done something wrong. She even set the timer! Not bad for a 3 year old.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


What a daddy's girl, and how thankful I am that she has such a great daddy whom she loves and who loves her back. Every little girl needs to feel like a daddy's girl.

Apple seeds

I was washing Leah in the bathtub. We were washing each part of her body and talking about it. We got down to the knees where she had two small round scaps that were almost healed. I asked her about them and she told me they were seeds. "Seeds, " I said, "what kind of seeds?"
"Apple seeds." she replied.
"How did they get there?" I asked intrigued.
"I ate an apple and ate the seeds and then they went down to my knee."


Nothing really too exciting has been going on around here. I'm just trying to get all the little projects done. Jeremy did get called as the YM president in our ward, which means that he is a lot busier than normal. I will say that I like seeing him so excited about something. He has been bogged down with school for so long that he needed something to change his focus and give him a new since of purpose. I personally think he will do a great job. I don't even mind him being gone as much as he is and will be. It is good for him.