I am selling freshly baked bread.  I bake on Thursdays and Fridays so the latest I can take an order is by Friday morning at 10:00.  

I deliver to anyone who lives in my area, or you can arrange for pick up.

To Order: Send me an email at,  text me, or put your order in the comments list below.  

Whole Wheat
-I grind my own wheat for freshness and taste.  This is delicious bread that freezes well and is very healthy.  Slices of toast made from this bread has replaced breakfast cereal at my house. 
 Price: $3.50 for one loaf, or $3.00/loaf if you buy more than one. 

-This bread is light and fluffy.  Yummy!  Perfect with soups or sliced with your favorite Italian dish or just break off a piece and have as a snack.
 Price:  $3.00 for one loaf

-Everyone loves this seasonal favorite.  You can choose to add chocolate chips or just leave it plain.
 Price: $4.00 for one loaf

Cinnamon Raisin
-This is a classic favorite.  Lots of flavor and very yummy toasted.
 Price: $4.00 for one loaf

Cinnamon Chip
-Don't like raisins or want to try something new?  Try this variation of the classic.
 Price: $4.00 for one loaf

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