Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pay Caws!

5:30 am Troy peaks his cute little face through the crack in our bedroom door. I heard him before he got there so I knew he was coming. He laid in bed with us for a little while and we hoped he would fall asleep again.
5:42 am Troy hands me his bear and Sam's "Foxy", I don't know why he has this, and tells me he has to get up.
5:45 am Jeremy tries to get rid of Troy by telling him to take is bucket of cars out into the loft.
Well, the cars only made it out of the bucket and onto our bed. He brought me a car and told me to play. We played.
5:51 am I suggested to Troy that Dad might want to play cars.

Here is the result...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Um...that's combines with the stress on the first syllable...like COM bine.

This is a great picture. It reminds me of my dad...AND my mom. I'll explain. My dad grew up in a very rural eastern Washington. I was born there and have a few patchy pictures in my head of living there. Most of my only real memories of the place are from the yearly vacations we took to visit family. I remember it being empty, peaceful and quite beautiful. We would drive down the road and see miles of fields. Each one growing something different. My dad would name each crop as we drove by, "asparagus... corn... alfalfa... potatoes...". I loved watching the rows as we drove. If you looked straight at them they would all line up for a millisecond and you could see down one row forever. My favorite thing was getting sprayed by the huge sprinklers on the end of a water line as you sped by in your car. I still like that by the way, it just never happens that much any more. Anyway, I remember seeing my dad on big, huge, strange-looking machines that were neither truck nor robot. I knew they had a purpose because I would see them in the fields going up and down, making trails in the crop. I heard the word combine all the time and didn't really understand. I don't know if he ever drove this kind of machine but when I found this paper on the counter this morning I had a flashback. I remembered my dad coming home from work all dirty and sweaty. I remembered him calling out the names of the crops in the fields, and I remembered getting my car drenched by a huge over-sized sprinkler spraying the road.

It was when I asked Sam why he brought this picture home that I was snapped in to another picture. More recent and less romantic. Sam told me that he got this picture from his teacher who used it to illustrate what a "context clue" is in reading. Sam pointed to the small explanations of each part of the combine, "These help you understand what this is, like context clues help you understand in reading." I smiled. My mom would be so proud. My mom was a first-grade teacher for much of the time I grew up. Four of my sisters had her as their teacher so she taught them how to read. She would come home from work talking about thematic thinking and how today was cloud day. She would read Huckleberry Finn to us on our way to Washington long before cars ever had DVD's or even videos. She talked of Reading Recovery and could sing a children's song about any subject (and believe me, we tried to stump her). So Sam didn't get why I enjoyed it so much. He acted confused and wanted to just throw the paper away. I picked it up and I in a funny little way, like so many times in life when you just don't expect it, was reminded of who I was and where I came from. And I was proud.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Dress Up

It has been a tradition in my family to get Easter clothes. Here are the kids all dolled up. By the way, don't tell Sam I called him 'dolled'. I might get in trouble.

1st Try. Leah is mad. Millie's not looking.

2nd try. Leah is still miffed, but everyone else is cute!

3rd try. Leah is crying but everyone else is darling! Notice how Troy copies Sam.

When the cousins come to visit and the mom's go out shopping the end result is....
Presents! We got matchy matchy stuff just to have fun. It started with Leah and Vanessa's yellow dresses and ended with brown flip-flops for Troy and Marcus. SO MUCH FUN!

Easter Conference

I really enjoy conference weekend. I love the laid-back atmosphere, the family, conference cake, fold yer laundry while ya listen, feeling of it all. In this case, it was actually more of a 'organize your desk while ya listen' feeling but ya know what I mean. To make it all that much better, we got to combine Easter with conference weekend this year. We colored Easter eggs while the men went to the Priesthood session and had an egg hunt between sessions on Sunday. We ate conference cake and cinnamon rolls in the morning and had an Easter ham with all potatoes and homemade rolls in the evening. It was perfect and everything went off without a problem. Thank you to the Petty's for adding so much to our celebrations. It was complete with you.

The find.

The search.

Shaunie did Aunt Shannon's hair during conference. Quite the budding stylist.

Shannon did Jesse's hair during conference. Cute.

I tried something a little different for Easter. Instead of just candy, I put pieces of a puzzle in the eggs. The kids combined their pieces and then Sam and Ani put the puzzle together. It was a fun thing to do that didn't focus solely on candy. I think that for next year I will try to get a puzzle that is a little more centered on Christ. This idea's a keeper.

Easter 2010

Happy Hunters in Front: Ammon, Sam, Troy, and Millie
Back: Ani, Auri, Shaunie and Leah

Troy and Millie.

Another shot, just cause they're cute.

Millie's first Easter Egg

Millie Faye. Just cause she darn cute!

Sam the Happy Toothless Egg-Hunter

Sam, Shaunie, and Auri...on your marks...get set...

Leah and Ani oh so dainty and cute.

Troy and Ammon. They don't really know what's going on...yet.

Decorating Easter eggs. Lots of colors, fun and smiles.