Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Welcome Sarah!

A little girl named Sarah has been the topic of much of Leah's conversation lately. Last night she got on one particularly long tangent and I thought I would share with you what I know about this Sarah girl.
  1. Sarah is 10 years old.
  2. Sarah does yoga and goes to yoga school.
  3. Sarah doesn't go to school because her mom doesn't know where it is.
  4. Sarah has a friend named Tina.
  5. Tina has a, black face.
  6. Sarah's mom has curly hair.
  7. Sarah goes to karate (Sam wonders if she can do moves like Kung Fu Panda).
  8. Sarah has gone poop and seen corn (sorry, that's gross but kinda cute) and so has Tina.
  9. Sarah has a little brother named Tommy.
  10. Sarah has karate skills (yes, she said 'skills').
  11. She meets our neighbor boy at his karate class.
  12. Sarah has blonde hair and pink clothes on.
  13. Sarah has a note for me which Leah will run and go get.
  14. The note says "Dear Sarah, I love you very much and I love your mom too, you should come over tomorrow."
  15. Sarah doesn't want to talk anymore.
If you haven't caught on by now Sarah is the newest imaginary friend created by my little Leah. Sam has had a hard time accepting Sarah. He hasn't met her and it's really weird to him that she doesn't go to school. My Shaunie just asks questions and smiles at me when Leah talks about her. We would like to officially welcome Sarah. I think she'll only be around until Leah starts Kindergarten. Then they all seem to go away.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Family Dinner and Chocolate Shadows

We had our monthly family dinner last night. It was really good. Jody and Josh were in charge and can I just say that I LOVE FRESH&EASY! They make a pizza dough you can buy as well as a yummy pizza sauce. Jody and Josh used those yummy ingredients to make homemade pizzas. They were really good. I was in charge of dessert (I love doing desserts because it gives me a chance to try out new recipes) and I decided to try this Chocolate Shadow Cake. It's basically a three layer chocolate cake with a 7 minute frosting and a chocolate glaze. Jeremy suggested making it spooky so I added a spider web and borrowed Leah's orange spider (she really didn't like that idea). It turned out great and everyone seemed to like it, especially the Three Amigos, Troy, Ammon and Carson. They found the other kids' left-overs and we couldn't resist letting them go at it. We then decided to clean them up and threw them in grandma's big tub. Troy was a little freaked out, but at least he got clean. Thanks to Aunt Jen for taking the pics. I stole them off her blog,mooah ah ah ah!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

School Carnival!

Here is Troy trying on Sam's pirate patch.

This is Sam with his Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Hernandez. She is so cute and nice and Sam is my little preppy pirate.

Here is Shaunie with our neighbor friend Seth. They are good friends and hang out all the time. Shaunie is our beautiful Princess Leia and Seth was so inspired that at the last minute he decided to change his costume from a dead football player to Anikan Skywalker. Here they are having a battle.

And here are the cutest kids at the carnival. Leah is Word Girl (Word UP!), Sam is my handsome pirate and Shaunie is my Princess Leia. What a group! I love Halloween!
Leah has been sick this week and has hardly gotten out of bed. Thanks to modern medicine she is finally getting out and being herself again. Here is a sweet picture of her dad coming home and ...well....comforting her? She had been waiting for him all day and I guess he just did the best he could. What a good daddy.


Since Sam has been in school he has learned that his name is really Samuel, with the -uel. He has always been called Sam so he never knew it before. Now, he fascinated by the addition of these three totally new letters. He decided to write down what everyone's name would be like if they suddenly discovered that they too had these extra letters. Pretty cool, huh?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Little Creations

We've been doing a lot of creating lately. The Leah got a huge pack of playdough for her birthday so the kids have had a lot of fun making playdough stuff. I also made some cupcakes and let the kids decorate them. I have found that cupcakes are much easier than cookies to make and decorate, and they are just as yummy. We had the kids decorate the cupcakes and then we took them to some families in the ward and ding-dong ditched them at the doors. The kids had a blast and we loved seeing them jump in the van out of breath and with big smiles on their faces.

Baby Cousin

This is little Madelyn Elizabeth Moser. She was born the day after Leah's Birthday, on the 4th. She is a doll and we were really excited to see her between conference sessions. Thanks to Jody and Josh for letting our family crash the quiet calmness of the hospital. It was fun to see you and we are so excited to welcome Maddie into the family. Just so ya know, Leah and Sam were not interested in holding her or we would have cute pics of them too.

The High School had a little Homecoming Parade around the park that is just across the street from us. It was really little but I thought that was one of the best parts about it! The band played and there were a few floats of clubs and cheerleaders and student body officers. They even threw candy! In fact, it was so short that since we were at the beginning of the parade route, after the end of the parade passed us we ran across the park to see the parade again (and get more candy). I just got a few pictures, but it really was a short parade. Doesn't Sam look cute?

I just wanted to put this cute picture of Troy enjoying the cake. He used a fork and everything!

Our little Leah Lou!
You can't be more than two!
Your sly lil' smile and big brown eyes
Keep us guessing your next surprise
We love your trot and "scewompus" hair
Your shy little ways and the things you dare,
Your pretty doll with pen on her face
The funny way you rule the place
For these little things, we love you more
We just can't believe that you are four!

Our Little Leah is getting way to Big! She turned 4 at the beginning of October and she was such a princess! She had her cousins over for some cake and ice cream. She was very excited to be four and get her "pony cake". As you can see, the cake turned out to be a little bit different than the original plan, but that was not because I didn't try to make a pony cake. If you could see under the big, pink heart you would see a very messed up pony. It's a good thing that Leah just went along with it! Whew! Anyway, she had a great birthday and really felt like a princess. We love you Leah!