Saturday, April 26, 2008

Superman and the Big Truck

It must be part of the make up of little boys (and big boys) to want a truck. Sam was playing with is toy cars today when he asked me if Dad could "get a big truck just like this one." I told him that he could get one if he wanted, but big trucks for daddy's cost lots of money. He asked "It would take all of OUR moneys?" When I told him it would he quickly told me that he didn't want Dad to get a big truck anymore. A little too late I realized that when he referred to "OUR moneys" he was including the "moneys" in his Superman piggy bank. He didn't want Dad to get a truck that badly.


I had to get this down somewhere before I forgot. I asked Leah to go downstairs and grab Troy's bear blanket so I could put Troy down to bed. She told me she couldn't because she was "scared of all the crap down there." When I asked what she was scared of she looked up like she was deep in thought at said "Umm, I, ummm, Crap!. I'm scared of all the crap." After discussing it I realized that she was really scared of a dead cockroach that had been behind the couch. I think it is definately a toss up with me, which is worse, crap or cockroaches?

Friday, April 25, 2008

Look Carefully...

Ok, I thought this would be fun. I have noticed Leah doing to Troy the same things that Shaunie did to Sam. I guess big sisters just have so much love to give. One of these pictures is Leah looking at Troy and one of them is Shaunie looking at Sam. Can you guess which one is which? Look very carefully!

Handsome Boys

I love my boys and they love each other. I really like this picture. Can you tell that Troy has a cold and he is teething? He was still happy despite all that.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Toxic Audio in Las Vegas

If you have ever been to, or live in Las Vegas, and you hear about something being "toxic", it probably is something that should be avoided, if you have any morals. So when we were presented with the chance to go see Toxic Audio at the Planet Hollywood Hotel we were a little skeptical about its quality. Needless to say we researched it out, went, and really enjoyed it. If you like 'a capela' groups who use their voices to make all the instrument sounds while singing and acting, you'd probably like this show too. Good times!

New Flooring

There is nothing out there that my wife cannot do. When it comes to the house, she has really done some amazing things. She does most of the physical labor herself, but most of all she has the ability to see things as a final product before she even starts the work. I often question it in the beginning, but it ALWAYS turns out great in the end. Rachel has been wanting to get rid of the old carpet in our bedroom for some time now. We went and bought some discounted laminate flooring, just the one she wanted, and got to work ripping out the old carpet and padding. The next day she started the flooring while I was at work, and together we finished it later that evening. It is now so much easier to take care of and I think it will stay cooler during our incredibly hot summers. It turned out to be really nice, once again. . . my amazing wife.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tortoises are so much fun

Taylor and Russell came to play for a few days. The kids had so much fun, especially Sam. It was so good to have more boys around that Samuel could play with; and they played nonstop.

Taylor finally built up the courage to pick up his new found friend.

Taylor and Samuel spent a lot of time following the tortoises around and feeding them. I think those tortoises ate more food in the last 3 days than they did in the last 3 weeks combined

The end of a busy day!

This is what happens when cousins come from out-of-state. A lot of playing and partying makes everyone a little tired!

Ward BBQ

The High Priests in the ward sponsored a BBQ cook-off. Everyone was invited and those that wanted to cook were encouraged to bring their favorite meat in their favorite marinade. There was a big variety of meat available to all who came. Brother Silveira even got daring and brought a few skewers of chicken hearts, a delicacy in his homeland, Brasil.

Troy REALLY enjoyed the food. I think he'll be back for next year's cook-off.

The Annual Egg Hunt

The Mangum family gets together every year for our annual Saturday Easter egg hunt and breakfast at a local park. Samuel and some of the girls discovered a neighbor with horses and couldn't resist sneaking off to get a peak. Good food and great times! The following Sunday, Easter Sunday, we sit down together for a real nice meal and discuss a little about the true meaning of Easter.