Saturday, June 6, 2009

Playin' Ball

Troy has apparently been watching Sam play more than I realized. I had noticed him hanging on to the fence and yelling at the players, but I didn't think he would have picked up the basic jist of the game. While Jeremy was getting the bbq ready for some yummy cookin' Troy decided to play a few innings. We caught him hitting the ball off the T and then running around the jungle gym as though he was running the bases. He obviously forgot the part where you drop the bat, but he might have been hanging on to it just to make sure the other kids didn't snatch it while he ran his home run. Later on, when the other kids caught on to the game he got so defensive that we would scream if they stepped on the grass while he was doing his thing. I must say that I was very surprised by his knowledge of the game.

Just a little fun note, Troy LOVES to watch baseball on tv. A few times on a Saturday I've been busy with things and he was at my feet crying so I put him on my bed and turned on the tv. Well, there just to happened to be baseball games on and it caught his attention immediately. Apart of being relieved that he found something besides my shadow to entertain himself, I was very amused to see that the reason that he did yell for me when I was out of the room was because the game had gone to commercial. He would ask "Were'd da'ball go?" Try explaining commercials to a 22month old.


Jessica Hughes said...

Man he is a talented little guy! I can't believe that he could actually hit the ball! And then to run the bases! What a natural!!!
Love you guys~

Mathie Fam said...

I just want to steal troy! He's going to be a little ball player!