Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cute Cousins

Leah and Vanessa are so cute. Their personalities are so different but you can see a family resemblance. They both have short, sassy hair and they both love each other. Heidi and her family came to visit us this Sunday and the kids had so much fun getting reacquainted. The twins are getting old enough to have some fun on their own and they really got around. It was so fun to take Heidi to church with me and show her and her family off to my friends. I love it when family visits and I can show them off. I was also able to meet little Marcus for the first time. I know that Troy and Marcus are going to be great friends too. They both have Grandpa's ears! They will have so much fun hanging out at family things. I can't wait!


The Noble Family said...

One day you can show me off to your friends. I wish I was there. It looks like the kids had fun. It makes me excited for Christmas.

Our Little Family said...

When is everyone coming to see us? The kids all look so cute. I love this picture of Troy and Marcus!!!