Thursday, March 6, 2008

My kids...right now.

Leah: If she sees a police car she responds by singing "Bad boys, Bad boys, whatcha gonna do..."
Shaunie: Call her an angel and she blushes. She gets mad at the kids in her class because they are always talking.
Sam: New favorite question "Does ____ have sugar in it?" Will NOT eat sugar because Miss Tina told him about sugar bugs. And if you eat sugar you are sure to get a lecture about how bad sugar is for you. Oh. and "Make sure you brush your teeth every night and every morning and if you eat any sugar."
Troy: Loves to be in the middle of it all. Let him sit at the table in his high chair, let him sit up on the floor, let him not be in his car seat! He is already Mr. Social. And if you smile at him, you are sure to get a big, toothless grin right back.

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