Monday, April 14, 2008

New Flooring

There is nothing out there that my wife cannot do. When it comes to the house, she has really done some amazing things. She does most of the physical labor herself, but most of all she has the ability to see things as a final product before she even starts the work. I often question it in the beginning, but it ALWAYS turns out great in the end. Rachel has been wanting to get rid of the old carpet in our bedroom for some time now. We went and bought some discounted laminate flooring, just the one she wanted, and got to work ripping out the old carpet and padding. The next day she started the flooring while I was at work, and together we finished it later that evening. It is now so much easier to take care of and I think it will stay cooler during our incredibly hot summers. It turned out to be really nice, once again. . . my amazing wife.


Camille said...

Your wife really is amazing! Can you send her on over to my house??

April said...

Go Rachel!