Saturday, April 26, 2008

Superman and the Big Truck

It must be part of the make up of little boys (and big boys) to want a truck. Sam was playing with is toy cars today when he asked me if Dad could "get a big truck just like this one." I told him that he could get one if he wanted, but big trucks for daddy's cost lots of money. He asked "It would take all of OUR moneys?" When I told him it would he quickly told me that he didn't want Dad to get a big truck anymore. A little too late I realized that when he referred to "OUR moneys" he was including the "moneys" in his Superman piggy bank. He didn't want Dad to get a truck that badly.

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The Noble Family said...

Rae, I love the story about you and Leah and the handful of M&Ms. I laughed so hard when I read it. I always try to hide the yummy things I'm eating so I don't have to share. TOOOO FUNNY!