Friday, May 30, 2008

Sam the Man

Happy Birthday Sambo, Sammy J, Sam
bolino, Sam the Man, Sammy Davis Jr, Sam4. I love you so much!

"I can't go to bed because I'm happy."
"Leah is MEAN!"
"Can we plant candycorn?"
"Dad, I'm gonna tell you a story..."
"NO mo' fidideedee!"
"Hop it!"
"Grandpa, You're Annoying!"
"...for a little-bit while"
"Good-Morning Time"
"Engine Turtle"
"Mom, these stairs are heavy."
"Leah should go to jail!"
"Mom! There's a PINK shirt in my closet!"

1 comment:

The Noble Family said...

I love the stairs are heavy the best. I also love the no mo' fidideedee! and Grandpa, you're annoying. Sammy was just a little baby when Andy and I got married. What a big boy. We love and miss you Sammy! Eli can't wait to growl with you again and wrestle.