Thursday, June 12, 2008

Where has the time gone? I find myself in the middle of June. Shaunie has ended her First Grade Year and is ready to start another. She came home on the last day of school and declared " I am not a first grader anymore". She is happy to be home and I know her siblings are happy she will be home too. They will spend many hours playing games and house and running around yelling "I bet you can't get me" or "Who is going to get me?" I was once told by a very sacred source that these will be the happiest days of my life. I guess that might seem funny to some. I am sitting here in Jeremy's old scrub pant, a t-shirt, my hair in a flippy-pony tail, no make-up, and bare feet listening to the Leah yell from her seat on the toilet that she is going to get an Otter Pop, and although I wish I was 30 pounds lighter and the kids were a little quieter and my house was a little cleaner, I really know that I am happy.


Heidi Ho said...

Spoken like a true Mom. I love this post. I was telling Nate the other day how happy I was. Does life get anymore fuller than this?

Kara said...

sometimes I wonder who I am anymore. Some lady that lives in sweats and t-shirts. I love it though. It's nice to know others feel the same. I love all your cute kid stories!