Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Daddy Day

My husband is AMAZING.
How do you know your dad is a good one?

-His children run to him shouting "Dad!" when he comes home from work.
-He willingly works to support his family.
-He takes good care of his wife by giving her time off every once in a while, and by giving her backrubs, too.
-He is a good example to his children.
-He teaches his children to ride their bikes.
-He travels all over town to find the right bike for his 5 year old boy(it had to be that Speed Racer one).
-He lets his kids crawl all over him.
-He lets his kids do his hair.
-He takes his kids to the library.
-He bathes his kids.
-He reads to his kids and uses different voices for the different characters.
-He helps his kids set up forts in the house.
-And soooo many more amazing things.

Thanks to my husband for being the best dad in the world. I love you!

Thanks also to my Papa Bear for being my best dad in the whole world.
Here's what I love about my dad...

-He STILL lets me lay on his belly (although it's not as big as it used to be).
-When I call, he answers the phone by yelling RACHITA!
-He really CAN fix anything!
-He almost always answers his cell phone.
-Letta Mo Tetta (need I say more?)
-He is passionate about his beliefs.
-He never misses a chance to teach us something.
-He makes a great trophy husband to my mom.
-He loves my children and they love him.
-He reads a lot of good books but claims he hates English.
-He loves farming.
-He gives the kids rides on the tractor.
-You can always count on him to make you laugh.
-He always has something wise to say.
-You can always count on him to buy a treat at the store.



The Noble Family said...

Good post Rae! I love what you said about dad! So true! Troy looks so big in that picture. He is really getting big!

Michelle Campbell said...

You're right... about it all! I do have the world's best brother (that'd be your hubby). And your dad is very awesome!! Great post. I love all the stuff you said, and it's all true!