Monday, December 8, 2008

Nice post honey! If any of you understood that you are very smart and have an intricate understanding of brain stuff. As you can see, I don't. Anyway, it really was fun just to get away and enjoy some time with my man. He's so smart (but I can still beat him at Scrabble)!


Stephanie said...

scrabble is more important than all the brain stuff anyways!

Patti said...

HA! That really made me laugh.

We NEED to do that Scrabble thing. NEED TO. :)

Michelle Campbell said...

Wow! You guys had a real HOT date, huh? haha. I love it. I agree that scrabble is better than a brain scan. :)
It's so cool that clint figured out how I could get online here at the hospital. Now I'm not so bored and can check out blogs! woohoo! haha
I loved the thanksgiving post! I totally thought the kids did such a good job with the salon. Too creative and too funny. haha. I LOVED that turkey too, girl. YUMMY!! I was so bummed I forgot to take some leftovers home. Can't wait for all the christmas fun next week!!