Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanks Be...

Troy Boy trying to play a little ball with the big boys.

Jeremy is in the yellow Brazil jersey, it turns out that there were a lot of Brazilians and Brazil fans there, and Ryan is in the orange and blue shirt. GOOOLLLL! (That's Portuguese for goal, just so ya know).

Sam and Leah trying to get in on the action.

While waiting for the food to be done, the kids decided to turn Grandma's bathroom into a beauty parlor. They invited people in to get their hair done. Shaunie made a sign that said it was only "$1 or Free" and when you left you got a tootsie roll. I must say that everyone had wonderful hair for Thanksgiving.

We had a delightful day of family, food and soccer for Thanksgiving. Umm, yes, I said soccer. It turns out that our friends like soccer more than football. We started the day very early when Kristin and Ryan came to stay Wednesday night and got here around 11:30pm. We stayed up talking about lots of good stuff and didn't get to bed until around 1 or 2am. I loved spending the time with them and I loved the political talk (thanks Ryan). We got up around 7 and I did everything I could to keep the kids from jumping on a very sleepy Ryan and Kristin. Finally, Kristin got up, no doubt woken up by my kids' very loud "whispers" and overall silliness. Ryan soon followed and then the party really started. We ate breakfast, it was one of the few times that we had pancakes for breakfast, and then we headed over to a soccer game with some ward members and friends at the high school down the street. I got some great action shots as you can see. We came home for a quick shower and then gathered everyone and everything in Jeremy's new-to-you Pacifica and headed over to Grandma's House. It was not over the river and through the woods, but it was sufficiently exciting regardless. We hung around for a while and then I started cooking. I made the deviled eggs, sweet potatoes, rolls and taught Teri how to season a turkey. By the way, the turkey turned out DIVINE! I could have eaten half the turkey by myself!. Anyway, we ate a late dinner to make sure everyone who worked could be there for the feast. I must say that the food was delicious and the company very delightful, but my favorite part of the day was the rain. It poured on us and I was very grateful. It turns out that it CAN rain in Vegas. Thanks.

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Jessie said...

That Troy is so stinking cute! I love the beauty parlor idea. I am glad to see that you had your sweet potatoes too!