Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Funny Faces and a Domino Church

Troy and Leah have been ummm....borrowing the camera.  Here are some of their pictures.  These two have proven to be very good friends.  They get along best when the others are gone and they can play anything from Barbies, to preschool, and house to Legos.  They are fun to watch and listen to.  I will be sad when Leah goes to school and leaves Troy alone at home.  I guess I shouldn't be too sad because that situation will lend itself Troy and Millie playing together more.   I guess it's more of one stage passing on to another.   Is it sad to mourn the passing of a stage?  They seem to come and go so fast that just when you get used to one, another comes and takes it's place.  I guess these can be considered part of the Joys of Motherhood. 

I wanted to showcase one of our latest creations.  Can you guess what it is?  Jeremy made it with the kids.  Hint:  Yes, that's a pulpit and those are choir seats.

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Nonato said...

Ola amigo Jeremy, como está? linda a sua família!!!!!!!!!!! lindas fotos!!