Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Leah--the Graduate

I'm a few weeks late on this update, but at least it's getting out there.  Leah graduated from preschool and is now officially ready to enter Kindergarten.  She had a great graduation ceremony that showed off all she has learned this last year.  They sang songs, spouted off nursery rhymes, and showed off their alphabet and number recognition skills.  It was awesome!  She has really loved her teachers and I have appreciated the love they showed her.  Here are some pics of the event.  
 Leah's class.  You can see Leah's white cap in the middle of the back row.

The graduation procession. My beautiful Leah-Loo after she received her "degree".

Leah with her very loving teacher, Mrs. York.

 The children's creations were on display around the room.  Here is Leah's handiwork. This poster is now on display at our house.

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