Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Day of School! First Day of School!

Leah Lou Lovely on her first day of school

Walking to her first day of class
Mommy's big mistake.  How dumb can I be?!  I took Leah to the wrong classroom, sent her to put her backpack away, even took this great picture, only to realize after she had sat down with the rest of the class that she was in the wrong room.  Duh!  I grabbed my embarrassed daughter and we started over.  I am just not a good mom sometimes. 

Troy Boy, patiently waiting for Mom to come back

Millie, chillin'


Lindsay said...

Oh millie! I wish we lived closer. You are so dang cute!

Michelle Campbell said...

Oh my gosh Rachel, I laughed out loud at the "bringing Leah to the wrong class" story. That is so funny!! haha. She looks so cute and excited about school. I'm sure she is loving it!! Troy and Millie look so cute!