Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Michelle's Cake.  This just reminded me of her. 
Troy wanted a race car cake.  This is actually made of rice crispy treat and has a chocolate marshmallow frosting in the middle.  Thanks Martha Stewart.
Shaunie's cake.  This is an ice cream cake with a brownie layer.  Yum.  Good choice, Shaunie!

I can add these to my long line of fun birthday cakes.  The kids picked theirs, and I picked Michelle's.  These are the August birthdays that we celebrated on our Sunday dinner with the Mangum clan.  On the actual birthdays we have taken the family out to a restaurant that the birthday kid chooses.  For Shaunie, we went to Souper Salad.  It was fun.  Troy chose 'the grape store' or Olive Garden.  It has been fun to spend the time as a family and not have the focus be on presents and parties.  That just gets old to me after a while.  I hope that each child has felt special and knows that they are a very important member of our family.  That's what I think that birthdays are for. 


Haws Family said...

I think that is a great tradition! Less stress on Mom, and super fun. I think we may have to try that out... :) Great job on the cakes!

Lindsay said...

Love the cakes! Great job. That race car one looks so delicious! Well, they all do.

Michelle Campbell said...

I'm thinking I need another one of those cakes right about now!! ;) yum!!