Friday, November 28, 2008

The Circus is in Town

These are pictures of the amazing circus we had in our driveway. Shaunie, along with our neighbor's kids, really have a knack for organizing things. Most of the time they do bake sales or lemonade stands, but now they have really moved on to the big time...or should I say "Big Top" stuff. They planned a circus! It was complete with prizes, games, side shows, rides and as you can see below plenty of neighbor kids. Their advertising consisted of signs on bikes and the riders going up and down our and the neighboring streets yelling out "Circus! Circus! Come to the Circus! Only 10 cents!" They also went to a lot of doors took their advertising to the next step. Here are the pictures to see how grand of an event it really was.
I don't understand how these photos come out sidways, but here is an example of the advertising. The sign says "CIRCUS" then our address and then "10 cents" The 10 is actually torn off because they ended up raising their prices.

This sign was on our driveway, written in chalk. Troy was the side show but he ended up being a no-show because he had to take a nap.

These are examples of the games the kids could play. They even had bikes to ride (of varing sizes) if you wanted to ride instead of play. They had to pay to play but they had lots of choices, and if they won they got to pick a prize. As you can see, the kids had a great turn out. Thanks to the parents who let their kids come over so early on a Saturday morning for great games and prizes.

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Michelle Campbell said...

LOVE the circus idea! your kids are so creative... I'm pretty sure they get that from you!!