Friday, November 28, 2008


This praying mantis looks like he was taking a break from Kung Fu Panda and showing some moves to my kids and the neighborhood kids. He was actually a very frightened mantis who was ready to fight the kids because they had closed in on him for their bug collection. Shaunie has been collecting bugs, spiders and worms for her 10 gallon glass aquarium that she keeps outside. This poor guy had tried to avoid capture but the kids were too fast. Good thing Mom came to the rescue and sent them away. He held this pose for about 5 minutes after the kids had left him alone. Poor guy. I want to keep lots of mantis' in the garden and around the home because they eat other less-desirable bugs and they are dang cool.


Stephanie said...

Way to rescue the little guy! That is quite the kung fu panda move he's strutting! He's the ultimate war hero!

Michelle Campbell said...

Mantis's are so cool. I love that you saved him. So funny. I was giggling reading this cause I could just picture it happening. haha

April said...

Did you know they they hummingbirds? Yup. Freaky right?