Sunday, November 2, 2008

Livin' Life

This is Troy's new obsession. If you know anything about Troy, you know that he is obsessed with animals. If he keeps this up he will definitely become a Veterinarian, Marine Biologist or Zoo Keeper. When he first wakes up he points (leads you by pointing) you to the kid's bathroom where the fishbowl sits. He will just sit in the red chair and talk, laugh, point to the fish for hours at a time. He gets mad when you pull him away to eat or change his bum. I am glad he likes animals but sometimes I wonder if he is taking it too far ;).

Here is just one of the many creations by Sam. He loves building and I thought I would show this picture. I am sure he took this picture by himself, too. He likes recording his creations.

This is a common site in our house. Besides sitting on the red chair in the bathroom watching the fish, Troy loves to bounce, fall, roll and romp around on Sam's bed. Good thing we have this rail put up, or this place would be off-limits. In this picture, Leah and Sam decided to get in on the action. Troy loves to play with them.


Ashley & Kevin said...

you have the cutest kids!

Weaver said...

I have to laugh. Our Karley has the same issue. We went to Claimjumper the other night and when she noticed the moose and deer heads on the wall she freaked out yelling "touch it" until we finally just left. She must have the same oppession.

M&M Kanet said...

Hey Rachel! Each one of your kids have such cute and fun personalities! Such sweethearts. I love the story about Troy and his fish. Who knew fish could be such great babysitters?! Also, it was so nice of your husband to call and check up on Mike when he was a sickie. We love your fam! I'll have to check back here more often!