Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Creativity and Love

Shaunie decided to make a little fort dedicated to Sam. If you can't see the signs on the wall they read "I love you so much." She took a lot of time putting this together and I was very proud of her. Sam loved it and I think Leah felt a little bit left out even though that didn't stop her from making her presence known. They played games and had lots of fun in this little fort.

Shaunie's class went on a field trip to the Special Olympics. I guess they have a big part of the Olympics where kids from schools get to take their students who would normally compete in the special olympics and combine it with other olympic-type events for the other students to compete in. She competed against other 2nd graders and had a lot of fun. She got a shirt and even a number to wear on her shirt. It was all very non-competitive, but she got to get out and cheer some classmates on and have a lot of fun doing it.

Sam's little creativity shining through. He is very symetrical in almost everything he makes.

As a mother one of the best things is seeing what your kids come up with next. I love to share in their creativity and love of life. It is especially rewarding when they are using their creativity to show love or appreciation for each other. The best reward a mother can receive is to see her children play together without fighting. It seems so simple, but it shows they truly love each other.

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