Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pool Time

Summer has come very quickly to Vegas this year. We've hit 100 degress a few times already so the only real remedy for that is to hit the water. We decided that since it'll be a little more difficult for me to take the kids to the pool than normal this summer that we would invest in an above ground pool. I did a little research and we bought this pool here. It fits perfectly on our small back patio and it definitely keeps the kids busy and cool. So far it hasn't been too hard to maintain and the kids are good about asking to go in and out. It's only 3 feet deep so I feel much safer than I would if I took the kids to the pool, and the best part about it is that I don't have to drag the kids anywhere or get in a swimsuit for them to play! One day we'll have a house that has a real pool, but until then this will work perfectly.


Mathie Fam said...

A real pool? That better not mean that you are staying in Vegas! Move East!!

April Lowe Lloyd said...

Fun! Max has been angling for a pool. I told him to get a job.