Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy 8th Birthday, Shaunie!

Holy Cow! who said Shaunie could grow up so fast?

At our "Family dinner" last night we also celebrated Shaunie's Birthday. As always, the kids get to pick out the style of cake they want and Rachel creatively makes it for them. Shaunie searched the internet for ideas and came to her mom with the idea of a "Book of Mormon" cake. This is kind of appropriate since we have been talking a lot about baptism with her. She reads it periodically and we like to sing Samuel's favorite song, "Book of Mormon Stories" at night.

Aunt Michelle also had a birthday this month, so she chose the kind of cake it would be. Anyone know Michelle's favorite? Well, she chose Rainbow Chip. We ended up putting the 2 cakes together with Michelle's rainbow chip cake acting as the support base for the Book Of Mormon cake. Grandma Mangum added a little chocolate chip ice cream to seal the deal. Thanks Mom!


Lindsay said...

Go Shaunie! We love you and miss you. It's just not fair to live so far and only see you a couple days a year. We love the cake. Great job Rae. Thanks for keeping us updated Jeremy.

Michelle Campbell said...

We had a great time. Thanks Shaunie for having a bday right after mine. :) LOVED the cake too!! Thanks Rachel. YUM!!