Monday, August 31, 2009

Planning ahead

Now that school has started, and Shaunie's birthday is over, we have a few more things to plan for. The most important at this moment is the new baby, tomorrow. Rachel finished all of her pre-registration today and the Dr. says everything looks really well. Rachel asked him how big he thought our new little girl will weigh. He replied by saying about 7 lbs, but not more then 8. He also emphasized to Rachel, with a smile, that he has never been off by more than 5 lbs. He is a great guy and we are truly blessed to have him has Rachel's physician.
Once baby Millie has come to earth, it'll be time to prepare for Shaunie's baptism and confirmation. She is a little nervous, but she passed the bishop's interview with flying colors. Immediately following the baptism, we will have Millie's baby blessing, and then off to lunch. Once that busy weekend is complete we look forward to Shaunie and leah's first soccer game of the season, and Rachel's birthday, then Leah starts pre-school, then Samuel starts karate. Originally he was going to play soccer with Shaunie and Leah, but he changed his mind and said he needs to do karate first.
So, the next 3 weeks will be full of many FIRSTS in our family. What a blessing to live where we live with the family we have. Life is great, busy, but great!


Janine said...

your busy life with 5 kids has just inspired kolby to get the good ol snip snip! congrats on the new baby Im sure she's adorable! Let me know if you need anything or even just for Leah to come play. Bela NEEDS friends. Who do the girls play soccer through? we just started Bela in soccer also

Rachel said...

The girls play through Sagebrush Youth Soccer. Leah would love to play with Bella. Tell Kolby that busy is good; it keeps us young.

Mandy said...

Dang we really need to catch up some time! I didn't even know you were expecting? We ran into Jeremy's parents at stake conference and Eli and Jaci said are we ever going to see Shaunie again? Congratualations on your baby girl. So happy for you! Hope to reconnect in the coming months I know life is busy! We all love and miss you guys! Mandy

Mathie Fam said...

Millie is beautiful,post some pictures soon!