Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Troy Turns Two

We had a small, simple birthday party for Troy Boy on the 7th. He turned 2. I can't believe he is getting so big. He is so much fun right now. His vocabulary is growing every day and he loves to tell us all what to do. His favorite words include:

baby (that's what he calls his ratty bear blanket now)
nums (that's any type of food he wants)
bobbie (any drink or cup)
WHOA! (to anything awe-inspiring)
das' cue (he calls everything cute)
why? (I don't think he knows what this means)
EEWWW! (Sam taught him this and he uses it freely)

He still loves to throw his balls around, crash his cars into each other and pretend he is a doggy. He has even started to play little make-believe games with Leah. He'll make me food from the play kitchen and pretend to take care of his "baby". He is so much fun to play with and talk to. Of course, he is two and he loves to throw his fits and draw all over himself, but his age also preserves my right to give him tons of hugs, cuddles, and kisses and smile at his contagious laughter. He is my little Troyboy and we love him so much. Happy Birthday Troy!

Troy's all-cousin party was a swim party. Troy's little pool is in the background above. Here is Troy telling us 'I code"

Troy and cousin buddy Carson enjoying the birthday cake and ice cream.

Sam ummm....helped Troy open his presents. Sam understood what was going on much better so his excitement was a little ummm... less-controllable than Troys. This is a fun book he got from Grandma Mangum.

I usually try to make the cakes according to what the kids are in to at that time. It's sorta a way of capturing that age (and then devouring it, I guess). If you have been around Troy you know that he LOVES dogs and baseball. Since his dog cake turned out a little small, I decided to add a few baseball cupcakes to make sure we had enough.Here is a picture of both. I was just happy that he recognized what they were and enjoyed eating them.


Debbie Gardner said...

Hey Ray,
Cute blog. Great job on the cakes.

Ann Mitchell said...

Pretty cute! Good luck with the baby!!!

Lindsay said...

I love the cake and the cupcakes. Great job. He is so cute! he has such a different look, but he still looks like a Mangum. Maybe because I don't see him a lot so in my mind he should look different. I love his hair. Love you and miss you. Wish we could have been there.

Mathie Fam said...

I love Troy! Mckenna asked me if he could just be our brother instead. Haha. Happy Birthday Troy boy!

Michelle Campbell said...

This is so cute! Oh- I can't believe Troy is two now! Wow!! I love the picture of him and Carson. So cute. Great cakes (as usual). those bball cupcakes are awesome!! You are such a GREAT mom. I wish I was there, but I'm glad the kids went. Cute cute post. I love the "I code" picture. I can totally picture him saying that. haha.

Michelle Campbell said...

Hey aunt Rachel this is Emma. love the pics. My blog is CC1995mm.

i said...

It was fun to see you today! You were right! One of these is not like the others...but sooooo adorable! ;)