Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter Conference

I really enjoy conference weekend. I love the laid-back atmosphere, the family, conference cake, fold yer laundry while ya listen, feeling of it all. In this case, it was actually more of a 'organize your desk while ya listen' feeling but ya know what I mean. To make it all that much better, we got to combine Easter with conference weekend this year. We colored Easter eggs while the men went to the Priesthood session and had an egg hunt between sessions on Sunday. We ate conference cake and cinnamon rolls in the morning and had an Easter ham with all potatoes and homemade rolls in the evening. It was perfect and everything went off without a problem. Thank you to the Petty's for adding so much to our celebrations. It was complete with you.

The find.

The search.

Shaunie did Aunt Shannon's hair during conference. Quite the budding stylist.

Shannon did Jesse's hair during conference. Cute.

I tried something a little different for Easter. Instead of just candy, I put pieces of a puzzle in the eggs. The kids combined their pieces and then Sam and Ani put the puzzle together. It was a fun thing to do that didn't focus solely on candy. I think that for next year I will try to get a puzzle that is a little more centered on Christ. This idea's a keeper.

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Michelle Campbell said...

The hair is hilarious! haha. I love the puzzle idea. Very cool! Sounds like you guys had a great weekend... we loved being in CA and missed you guys... I did miss the conference cake too. haha. :)