Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pay Caws!

5:30 am Troy peaks his cute little face through the crack in our bedroom door. I heard him before he got there so I knew he was coming. He laid in bed with us for a little while and we hoped he would fall asleep again.
5:42 am Troy hands me his bear and Sam's "Foxy", I don't know why he has this, and tells me he has to get up.
5:45 am Jeremy tries to get rid of Troy by telling him to take is bucket of cars out into the loft.
Well, the cars only made it out of the bucket and onto our bed. He brought me a car and told me to play. We played.
5:51 am I suggested to Troy that Dad might want to play cars.

Here is the result...

1 comment:

Michelle Campbell said...

haha. That Troy is sure a cutie!! You are good parents!