Monday, April 12, 2010

Dress Up

It has been a tradition in my family to get Easter clothes. Here are the kids all dolled up. By the way, don't tell Sam I called him 'dolled'. I might get in trouble.

1st Try. Leah is mad. Millie's not looking.

2nd try. Leah is still miffed, but everyone else is cute!

3rd try. Leah is crying but everyone else is darling! Notice how Troy copies Sam.

When the cousins come to visit and the mom's go out shopping the end result is....
Presents! We got matchy matchy stuff just to have fun. It started with Leah and Vanessa's yellow dresses and ended with brown flip-flops for Troy and Marcus. SO MUCH FUN!


Mathie Fam said...

I HATE that we live soo far away! Your kids have changed so much. Not to mention that I've never even seen Millie yet! I just want to steal troy from you! I can't wait to see you gusy! YESSSSSS!!

Lindsay said...

Ditto to what Celeste! Eli was like, "Where are they, I want to go!". I told him we will be there soon! Can't wait to PARTY with y'all! All of them are so dang big! WOW! Love it!

Michelle Campbell said...

How cute!! They all look great! I am totally diggin' Troy's suit! Awesome! Where did you find it? I love that Leah is ticked in all the pics. haha. so funny!