Thursday, May 20, 2010

Class of "o" 10.

Well, after everything, Jeremy finally graduated!  I say, 'after everything' because it seems like this road has just been too long.  I guess it hasn't been too long, but just right.  He got it all done and now we are through with school for a long time.  On May 8th Jeremy graduated with his Masters degree in Health Physics.  It was a long time coming, but having five kids, a full-time job, demanding church callings, and a full-time very ornery wife doesn't help things happen very fast.  He did it.  I am so relieved, happy, proud, amazed and excited.  Here are some pics of the event. 

After he walked, Jeremy slipped out of the graduation before the other lower class-men got their degrees.  We met at our home for a light dinner with family and a few friends.  Thanks to everyone for supporting my husband and family. 

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