Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ethel M non-factory, Tra der Hoes, and the Rainforest Cafe

My little sister Emily and her husband Ben (also known as Be'Em) came to spend some time with us.  It was so much fun to hang out with them.  They are great with the kids and I just love having my sister around.  Her husband is awesome, too!  We spent a busy day going to the Ethel M chocolate factory, which by the way NEVER has people working.  I've been there at every time of day on every day of the week and it always seems that they either aren't working or they just finished up.  I'm beginning to think they don't really do anything there!   BUT I digress...After the Chocolate Factory that isn't, we went to Trader Joes, or said with Spanish phonetics is Tra der Hoes.  We add the Spanish phonetics because Emily spoke Spanish on her mission and that is when she discovered this wonderful store.  She pranced around the store picking up nostalgic foods and recounting to her loving husband (and sister) all the great little stories and memories that she found at Trader Hoes.  I must say, the foods were delicious and fun. I can't remember the name of it, but one was a little ball of ice cream covered in a thick wrap of rice gelatin...yumm!  We followed Trader Hoes up with an always exciting visit to Mc D's as per Leah's request.   That night we took all the kids and visited Rainforest Cafe in the MGM.  That is where all these pictures were taken.  It was fun, a little too expensive and perfect for ending our adventurous day. Thanks to Be'Em for visiting us.  We love you!

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