Sunday, November 4, 2007

Reaching Up

I took the honkin' bag of candy away from Shaunie that she had been "worshiping" in her room before school. When a kid is counting, categorizing, collecting with questionable means and obsessing over candy (or anything for that matter) it is time for a little intervention. I took it away and decided to distribute it in a less obsessive manner. She was NOT happy. I put it on the fridge for later when she came home from school. Well, Sam and Leah decided that while Mom was upstairs and busy with Troy they would take on the challenge of getting the candy down all by themselves. They took their task seriously and this is what I found after they raced up the stairs to show off their prize. I realized that I have very brave (or naive) children. Is this what is meant by the faith of a little child?


The Noble Family said...

That is so darn funny. They are very creative. I can't believe they got it. Hey, You need to choose a better hiding place. Remember, out of sight, out of mind. Maybe!

cori said...

that is so funny. i have the same problem at my house. i came thisclose to throwing it all away. your kids are smart!

and determined!