Thursday, November 29, 2007

We love to play Scrabble! It all started on our honeymoon when Jeremy slaughtered me over and over again. Now we engage in fierce competitions with Josh and Jody that go deep into the night. Jeremy won last time, but that was after I had a winning streak for about 3 games. Now the kids are joining in on the fun. Sam loves to play Scrabble. He loves putting tiles on the board and then asking "What does that spell, Mom?" I try my hardest to sound it out but words like ttrwral are just a bit tough. I am just happy that he likes to play with me. Leah actually got in on the action today, too. She likes to put the tiles on the board but pays no attention to the letters. She is just filling in spaces. When she is done it looks like a bunch of squares randomly placed on the board. I hope that she is at least noticing the letters so they become familiar to her. Our fun is only short-lived though, for soon they lose interest and would rather play on the computer or eat crackers.

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April said...

Are you a Scrabble purist, or do you go for Speed Scrabble sometimes? That's our favorite!