Thursday, November 15, 2007

TO DO list

I have decided to get up every morning and make myself a to-do list. It is one of the ways I can combat my feelings of accomplishing very little other than dressing, feeding and caring for the kids. This feeling is getting to me and making me feel pretty boring and sad. I think there might be a little post-partum creeping in every once in a while too. Anyway, this list is helping me see what I do everyday and I am feeling better about all my responsibilities. These are the days that you just have to remember that the most important job a woman can have is to raise her family. I am working on it. I think the best thing it does is help me to review my goals that are so hard to keep. It has really helped me to remember to watch what I eat and do all those little things that I have been putting off forever. I hope I remember to keep doing this.


cori said...

lists make a huge difference. especially when you can check them off!

Heidi Ho said...

amen. I love this post.... I think all stay at homers can relate.