Saturday, February 9, 2008


Okay, I have a new crush. Well, every woman in my ward (and I am sure more than that) has a crush on Edward Cullen the perfect vampire. I heard about these books by Stephenie Meyer first from my sisters and mom. They said they were the best and that I HAD to read them. After reading Harry Potter (yes, all 7 of them) I was a little reluctant to pick up anything else. I know what happens to my life when I can't put a book down. I didn't want to put my family through that again. Well, then my good friend, Melissa, told me that she had just finished them and that I, once again, HAD to read them. After the Superbowl party at her house she got out her newly bought copies of Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse. By this time I had decided that I couldn't put them off any longer. I took the first one, Twilight, and told myself I would get to it. Okay, so then my life stopped, or at least I did everything I could to get it to stop, for three days until I had finished all three books . And now, like I said before, I am in love with Edward the vampire just like all the other women in my ward. I can't wait until the last book comes out in August! Bring on the literary madness once again.


The Noble Family said...

So glad that you read them FINALLY!!
I know you are going to hate me but I like Jacob better. He just seems like a more realistic guy for Bella. Oh I need to call you so we can talk about it.

April said...

You are hilarious. I did the same thing. My sister sent them to me for my bday. I was sick, so that was my excuse for snuggling up all weekend and doing nothing but reading! I finished them all in 3 days too! Loved them, but Edward? Jacob is my favorite. When is the next book coming! I need it!