Saturday, February 9, 2008


I have been bitten by the project bug lately and have done a few things to my house. Here are some pics so you can see.

Here are the new bookshelves. We did the old "teacher trick" where we bought very inexpensive vinyl rain gutter (yes, rain gutter, the type that goes on the outside of your house) and secured it to the wall. In this case, it was the little pony wall by the stairs. I love it! The kids do too. No more annoying piles of books on shelves.

Here is the girls' room. It took me a few days but it is done. I just have a few little things to do (is anything ever really finished?) They love it a lot and are always playing in it. Only one more room to do! Oh, that would me mine!

The top one is above my front door and the bottom picture is above my pantry. It all turned out pretty cute thanks to my sister Heidi letting us raid her vinyl machine while we were in Utah. It turned out better than I thought it would. Thanks Ho!


cori said...

oh my rachel. you are so so inventive! so cute. i wanna come over live and see your projects. i love the rain gutter idea. you can put so many books there. so so cute are the girls room! love it. and i am dying reading your blog. so fun girl. post everyday? yes. i will be your best friend.

cori + edward

Our Little Family said...

Rae.. I love all you stuff that you have done in your house. I don't know how you do it! The girls room is absolutely adorable. We decided that when Kayla gets out the crib we are going to do something like that. I love it!

April said...

I want bookshelves like that! Maybe when we move. I'll need some pointers from you. What is a vinyl machine? I am intrigued.