Monday, February 11, 2008

Food! Glorious Food!

Okay, I have been doing this dinner thing with my kids and husband these past few weeks and it is actually working. There are a lot of benefits, but let me explain those to you after I explain my dinner thing. Well, when I was growing up each of us had a night that we were in charge of dinner. We would pick out the menu, make sure we had all the ingredients, and then make and clean it up afterward. It is really a lot of the reason I know how to cook at all. (Thanks Mom!) Well, I have given the kids a night to cook during the week were they get to pick out the menu and then help me cook. They LOVE it! There are a lot of benefits, too.
Let me list the ones I have discovered so far:
1. I get to spend time with my kids. Just me and them, them and me--one-on-one. It is really fun.
2. I have my meals planned so that at 4:30 I'm not goin' "Hum, what would be good for dinner?"
3. We save money by knowing what will be needed for meals, instead of me just picking up a bunch of stuff and hoping that it can come together in a healthy, yummy way.
4. We also save money because I don't feel like eating out as much because I already know what we are having for dinner.
5. The kids get to learn how to cook and prepare a meal. This will come in handy when they are older and no longer need my help and also when I am not around to help (like missions and college times).

So there you have it. My meal planner idea/copy of my mom's idea is working out great. Thanks MOM!

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April said...

Great idea, but I don't have enough kids to fill up my week. Maybe I should do something about that.