Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Another highlight of the weekend was visiting Jeremy's uncle Eric who works at the church office building. We rode up to the 23rd floor to say hi and then he took us on a little "insiders" tour of Temple Square. We went to the top of the church office building and took some awesome pictures. What a way to get a new perspective of life! Also, we got to go under the church office building and see the tunnels that the members of the 12 Apostles take to go to the temple and other locations. It was amazing and fun. Thanks to Uncle Eric for taking some time from his busy schedule to show us around. We really loved it!

Also, while in Park City, the boys spent a morning golfing. It was Jeremy's first time on a real golf course and I was told he did great (with a few minor tumbles). I think it was a great little get-away for the men and I am glad they were able to go. Thanks to Dad for setting that up.

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Michelle Campbell said...

Awesome pics Rachel. I'm so glad you guys had so much fun. After reading about it, I wish we were there too. haha! Utah is beautiful in the summertime!