Sunday, August 31, 2008

They Say It's Your Birthday...

Cute baby Shaunie

Here are some pictures of her party. I decided to throw a little friend party with just the ward members because she is such a good girl. I wanted to let her know she was appreciated. We invited just kids she knew well in the ward and had about 17 kids show up. That was with about 5 kids who couldn't come because it was a holiday weekend and they were out of town. The kids age range was from 3 years to 12. We painted jars, played Duck, Duck, Goose and had a Birthday BBQ. The kids had fun and Shaunie felt like a queen for the day. It was all worth it! She got lots of fun toys and a lot of money (she says she's trying to save up $1000) . Thank you to everyone who came and had so much fun with us. I know Shaunie appreciated it and that she loves you and your friendship.

Sorry, I can't get this cake to go straight. I guess you can just turn your head to the right a bit.

My Shaunie Rae turned 7! She is just getting too old! I have been asking her for about 5 years now "Who said you could grow?" She used to just smile and say "Nobody." Now she still smiles but instead of saying anything she just rolls her eyes.

She is... my first born love ...the first child who stole my heart and still hasn't given it back ... everybody's friend, everybody's shoulder to cry on, and everybody's example on how to treat others very mature and a natural leader ...a cuddlebug ...the best big sister in the world!
...a great example of unconditional love.

She teaches me on a daily basis how to be a better person. She gets along with everyone. I always hear from her teachers and parents of her friends that she has a very special spirit about her. She loves to get and give hugs and loves. She has always had a natural care-giving love for children. Troy adores her, Leah runs to her when she is sad, Sam looks up to her as a friend and a role-model, and they all love to hear her read. Thank you Shaunie Rae for all you have done for your family. We are blessed to have you and learn from you every day!

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Jessie Walker said...

Oh my gosh that cake is awesome! You have way more patients than me! That is a unbelievable goal for a seven year old! Happy Birthday!