Monday, August 11, 2008

Emily and Ben Gutierrez! I hope I spelled that right. The wedding was beautiful. She got married in the same room in the Timpanogus Temple that my siblings and I have all been married in. It was really special and she looked so beautiful. The kids all looked adorable too. Here there are posing with the newlyweds. Leah was a little tired and just would not stop crying. I guess it makes for a better story later on, though. I also posted a picture of all the women in my family. From left to right, Ruth Ann (Jeremy's wife), Heidi, Kelli, Emily, my mom, Celeste, Lindsay, and then me. Ok, I had to post a picture of us working on the wedding food, too. We had veggie cabobs (yes, that is right), and mini fruit pizzas, with yummy little chocolate cups filled with a divine chocolate mousse. The food was done by me and my sisters. I have to give them most of the credit because I just showed up and helped put a few things together. It looked gorgeous when it was on the table. The best part about it was that it was mostly healthy and we really had a fun time working together. It definitely looked like it was catered and most of the people made comments about how nice it was.

Oh, and doesn't my little Sam look sooo cute in his newsboy hat?! If you look closely you can see a gigantic bruise across his forehead. He was jumping on the "beanbag couch" and somehow hit is head on the step in the theater room. Ouch! He was a very strong boy and didn't complain about it.

By the way, if you want to see any pictures up close, just click on them and you'll get a better view.

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