Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Troy Boy!

We had Troy Boy's birthday party. I am finally getting this up. Here is his cake. I always have fun making cakes. He didn't enjoy his own personal cake very much. Jeremy ended up taking it apart for him so that he might find some part of it appetizing, but that didn't even work. Notice the picture where he is happily holding a saltine cracker instead of chowing down on his cake (maybe he thinks it's a Mint Milano! thats for my family, it's an inside joke). This ball ended up being one of his favorite presents. He got it from his cousins, the Petty's. He actually really loved all of his presents. He has played with all of them. I don't know if my other kids were just different or that Troy is different, but he actually PLAYS with his toys! He even dances to the music from a little truck he got. I love to see him play with them and really get into it.

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Mathie Fam said...

He is so cute Rae. You guys have been up to so much. I was so worn out after vacation. Wish we could have been there. The cake is so cute!