Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Our little Leah Lou!
You can't be more than two!
Your sly lil' smile and big brown eyes
Keep us guessing your next surprise
We love your trot and "scewompus" hair
Your shy little ways and the things you dare,
Your pretty doll with pen on her face
The funny way you rule the place
For these little things, we love you more
We just can't believe that you are four!

Our Little Leah is getting way to Big! She turned 4 at the beginning of October and she was such a princess! She had her cousins over for some cake and ice cream. She was very excited to be four and get her "pony cake". As you can see, the cake turned out to be a little bit different than the original plan, but that was not because I didn't try to make a pony cake. If you could see under the big, pink heart you would see a very messed up pony. It's a good thing that Leah just went along with it! Whew! Anyway, she had a great birthday and really felt like a princess. We love you Leah!

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