Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Little Creations

We've been doing a lot of creating lately. The Leah got a huge pack of playdough for her birthday so the kids have had a lot of fun making playdough stuff. I also made some cupcakes and let the kids decorate them. I have found that cupcakes are much easier than cookies to make and decorate, and they are just as yummy. We had the kids decorate the cupcakes and then we took them to some families in the ward and ding-dong ditched them at the doors. The kids had a blast and we loved seeing them jump in the van out of breath and with big smiles on their faces.


Michelle Campbell said...

We did that the other night and Jaron/Emma got caught the majority of the time. it was tooo funny! You are such a good mommy! I loved the post of Jody's baby too, and the parade. What a totally cool idea. I love the little hometown parades. They're the best.

Me and my Two said...

Rach they are so cute. what a good little mommy you are. SERIOUSELY give me a call I want to get together. and Bela talks about Leah Sophia EVERYday. give me a call 557.0642

jessenpetty said...

Rachel, we did the same thing with our kids but our kids wouldn't leave the van! Ha HA! Jesse tried so hard! THey only left the van once and that was when we went to the Campbells. Well they came mosing (sp?) back to the van and said they already had a ghost on their door and refused to do it again! Are we surprised....I think not!!!

B & A Cook said...

Great blog! We love ditching things on peoples doorsteps. We didn't even get caught last time. You have a beautiful fam and I love getting to see and chat with you now and again. Keep up the good work.