Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Christmas Story

Here is our reluctant wiseman. Sam is not big on dressing up and then parading around. This is the most he would participate in the Christmas Story reenactment.

Little Lukas is the best star I have ever seen! He even pointed the shephards in the right direction. He was so cute and so excited to put this huge star around his neck and stand up on a chair to show the way. Very priceless picture!

Leah was a shepherd, Shaunie was Mary and Troy was Joseph. None of the older boys wanted to be Joseph so it fell on Troy. Too bad Taylor and Russ weren't there. He was cute nonetheless.

Here is the whole crew. Some were very reluctant (Sam and Eli) and some were more than happy to join the crew. We love how it evolves each year with each child getting a little older. This will always be one of my favorite parts of Christmas Eve.

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