Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Love....True Love...

Here are some quick shots of my friend, Jenny Hodge's, wedding. Jenny and I have known each other since the MTC when we were roommates and in the same district. My MTC district was very close and we were all like brothers and sisters. They have all impacted my life in such positive ways. I had lost track of Jenny when I moved from Utah down to Vegas. But, we were not to stay away from each other too long. I ran into Jenny a little over a year ago at a BYU/UNLV football game. We had great seats on the front row of the 50 yard line. When I went to sit down a very beautiful girl waved her arms at me and called at me . I didn't recognize her so I just gave the polite little smile and wave and turned away to talk to friends. When I got closer to her she spoke to me and I immediately recognized her by her voice. Her seats were right behind ours and we quickly caught up. Since then our busy schedules have only allowed us to get together a couple times, but she is still like a sister to me.

On December 28th Jenny got married to an old friend who had be recently widowed. It was such a great story and I was so excited to see her be sealed to him in the temple. She is one of the most amazing people I know. Another excited part of her getting married was for me to visit and catch up with Jenny's MTC companion Melanie Newbold. She is another favorite person of mine and we had a great time talking, remeniscing, and just enjoying the wedding festivities. I missed my MTC companion and wish she would have been able to come. Thanks to Jenny for letting me be a part of your special day.

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jessenpetty said...

Fun posts Rae! I loved all of them!! Cute pictures of my sweet nieces and nephews! It looked like you guys had fun in Utah! Jesse wished that we could have visited his family this year but I was grateful not to be there at that time. They got TONS of snow! I like it...I just don't want to drive in it! Especially up and down a 2 lane canyon!