Thursday, January 8, 2009

Global Warming....?

I took Shaunie to her friend's house who lives right across the street from the temple for the "snow day" off from school. There was a little snow left there and I thought that I'd better snap a picture before the opportunity left. You never know when there will be snow on the Las Vegas temple again!

This park is just across the street. There had been a bit more snow there but this is what was left the next day.

You gotta love the snow, and ya gotta love the snow when it's in Vegas even more. Yes, as the world now knows we got some flakes here in the desert and in some places it was pretty deep. In East Las Vegas we only got a few, but it was enough to get us in the Christmas spirit. The night it snowed was actually a birthday party for some cousins and a little welcoming party for some other cousins. I traveled to Henderson where the snow was 7-9 inches deep. The kids had a blast and I was grateful for my previous experience of driving in the snow. I don't know if Henderson even owns snow plows, so needless to say the roads were pretty scary. We traveled safely both ways and had fun seeing cousins and romping in the snow.

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