Monday, March 16, 2009

Our Young Artists

Recently Leah and Samuel decided that they wanted to further develop their chalk-art abilities. Samuel convinced Leah to outline his body as he lay on the ground. That was fun, but not enough for Sam.

After seeing the body outline on the ground, he decided he needed to make it more life-like. He went and drew, what he says are, "every bone in my body." I thought it was good enough to show the world, so here is Sam's skeleton


Lindsay said...

Rae, Sammy is so cute. I love how his little brain works. I miss you! Every time I call to talk, you don't answer. Are you avoiding me on purpose? I need my Rachel fix! We love you lots and I miss you and your family!

Jessica Hughes said...

Oh my heck! That is sooo cute! What creative kids! Looks like the weathers good. I'm totally jealous! Wish we were there!
Love you guys!

Michelle Campbell said...

Too funny! haha. I love the skeleton. This makes me want to go get sidewalk chalk!

jessenpetty said...

We're not allowed to have sidewalk chalk! Our sidewalk is across the street so I guess it really doesn't matter. We need to get our backyard landscaped! I love Sam! I love Leah! I love Shaunie and I love Troy! All of them are very individual but so fun!