Friday, March 27, 2009

T-Ball Fever

Sam has loved baseball since Jeremy first introduced it to him a few years ago. This year we got him in on a T-ball team with some ward friends. He LOVES it...well, I should say he is obsessed with it. The season officially starts tomorrow, but here are some pre-season highlights.

Here are the boys getting their uniforms. Can you tell he's a little excited?

His team is the Cardinals. "That's a red bird".

Here is Sam playing outfield during their scrimmage game. At first I thought he was really into it but then I realized there was something wrong. Not too long after this we had to run to take a potty break. In any case, this is great video of his first experience in a game.


Jessica Hughes said...

Oh my goodness! I love all of these posts I have been on in a while. The kids have grown so much! I can't believe all of Troy's blonde and long hair! They are all so cute! I watched the video of Sam a couple times. I cracked up! He looks so cute! Wish we could make it to a game! Love you guys aton!

Jessica Hughes said...

I love this video! We have watched it over and over! and continuously think it is hilarious!!!! I lOVE SAM!!!! such a cute post! We miss you guys!

Ann Mitchell said...

Hey, Rachel
Glad I found your blog through Lindsay's! Check out my class blog